Long Time/I'm Back/Schnitzel and boo mini quilt swap (round 2)

So once again it's been far far too long!  I find myself over-comitting and taking on huge giant projects which takes me away from this space.  I'm currently working on one of those said huge projects now.  19 dance outfits due in less than a month.  Thankfully my mom is going to help with a few of them.  After this biggie though I am done taking on huge stuff (famous last words right).

Anyway here is my mini received in the Schnitzel and Boo mini quilt swap (round 2).  I love love love what I received!  Below that is the mini I made for my partner and some of the extras sent.  My partner though never acknowledged it on any social media platform and I found out after that she was not responding to moderators etc. so basically flaked out.  That is the part of swaps that I hate.  And I hate that what I made went to someone who flaked out.  Yuck! But that happens I guess.