Spring dresses

So I've been meaning to start blogging for a while now but it seems to always be left by the wayside at the end of the day. I'm Corri, a wife and a stay at home mom of a sweet girl. I enjoy all things domestic particularly knitting, sewing, and cooking. I'm hoping this blog will be a journal of sorts to keep track of my crafty endeavors.

What I've been working on recently is a spring and summer wardrobe for my daughter you can see above. For these few I've used Oliver + S patterns which I can't recommend enough. The patterns are clearly written and have tons of useful tips. I plan on making a few tops out of the patterns too. As soon as I learn how to link and whatnot I'll provide links where you can purchase the patterns. Until then they are the family reunion dress, roller skate dress, and school photo dress.

I'm hoping to become better at this blogging stuff as I go. For now it's nice to have a little space of my own to share.