Baby Boy Gifts

Recently one of my husbands childhood friends contacted me to make a few things for his new baby nephew.  He pretty much gave me free reign which was fun! Since I have a girl and don't get a chance to make things for boys this was especially fun :)

I decided to make 2 pieces.  One for just everyday wear and one more of an special heirloom piece.  For the 'heirloom' piece I went with a sweet little grandpa cardigan.  I used the free baby sophisticate pattern.

Its a nice pattern that comes together quickly and who doesn't love a baby in a little grandpa cardigan :)

The second piece I made was the Brindle and Twig harem coverall.  I used some knit fabric I had in my stash (Hello Bear by Bonnie Christine). This sewed up extremely fast and is completely adorable.  

Thanks for stopping by :) Have a great day!!