Simplicity 8229

Good morning!!  I'm back after a little hiatus.  I took a little intentional break from social media and such.  I'm sure we can all agree it gets to be overwhelming at times.  We took a lovely family vacation to Hawaii at the end of September.  It was really just so nice to get away.

Anyway, since we've been back I've kind of gotten into sewing bras.  I bought both of the Simplicity patterns that recently came out by the lovely Maddie.  There are a lot of supplies to source for bra making so I purchased a kit (makes things so much easier!!).  I purchased my kits from Tailor Made Shop.

The pattern comes together extremely fast.  The fit for me was pretty good right off the bat.  I did however measure at a 32C but I found I do not like my bands quite that tight (I remembered this from a Watson bra I made ages ago).  I ended up making the 34B and checking the size as I went and it ended up fitting almost perfectly.  Going forward I think I'm going to shave just a little off of the top of the cup.  I will say though these bras fit me better than anything I've ever purchased even without the tweaking.

This black and white lace didn't have the pretty lace edge that the pattern calls for so I used picot elastic in the same manner that you do the sides and band.  Easy peasy :)  I hope you're all having a great start to autumn!!  I have to put my bra making on hold here and work on making costumes!!