Good Afternoon!!  I cannot believe how fast time is moving this year!  I'm finally getting around to sharing the Halloween costume that I made for my daughter.  She love love loves the movie Coraline and wanted to be her for Halloween.  I tried letting her know that its not the newest movie and most of her classmates probably won't know who she is, but my sweet little girl didn't care one bit and just HAD to be Coraline.  She especially wanted to wear the outfit with the stars that the Other Mother gives to Coraline.  Silly me I agreed thinking it would be so easy to find a sparkly blue sweater and just pop some stars on there.  Boy was I wrong lol.  I searched high and low and came up with nothing suitable.  Not wanting to disappoint my daughter I found this pattern on Ravelry.  I ordered up some yarn and began knitting.

After I got the sweater knitted we found some velour at Joann that I sprayed with a silver glitter fabric spray.  The stars I have to admit were the worst part and I honestly didn't think I would get them sewn on in time.  I tried doing them the way the pattern instructs with interfacing and a teeny turn under for the appliqué but it was just not working.  After spending all that time knitting I did not want to just glue some felt on or anything that would look cheap.  What I ended up doing was scrapping the interfacing all together and turning under more like 1/4" when I did the appliqué.  This worked fairly well (still took forever to stitch all those stars on though).

For her boots I used an old black pair she wore last year as witch boots (I should share that costume sometime lol) and used a teal fabric paint to change the color.  The boots soaked it up so it took a few coats.  The dragonfly pin I made from some gold polymer clay and crystals we picked up at the craft store.

For her hair we went with a blue spray.  We did try a wig but my daughter said that it was too itchy.  Last but not least the doll we found on amazon its an actual replica of the prop from the movie:)  I also made my husband a Captain America costume but I'll share that another time.  

Have a great day!!