Happy (belated) New Year!!!

Hi friends!! I'm getting a slow start to the year yikes!  I ended last year having some thoughts, revelations, and maybe an identity crisis.  Well maybe not quite that dramatic.  Anyway, I kind of have a new plan and goals set out which is exciting and maybe a little bit scary.  I don't think I've ever mentioned anything here but my background is in art and graphic design.  I'm wanting to move more back in that direction.  I struggle a little because I do still want to sew my heart out and knit and basically all the things!! There's only so much time in each day though.

I will still be sewing probably mainly apparel.  I have kind of outlined what I'd like to focus on sewing this year.  I want to really make things that I wear so basics like t-shirts, jeans, bras and undies.  I'm also working on beefing up my design portfolio to get that out in the world (cross your fingers and toes!).

So, I had originally planned on posting this back in January but for some reason I never did.  My thoughts and goals are still the same and I've spent the last 6 months really focusing on design.  I have a portfolio that I am actively sending out :)  And . . . . I made a skillshare class!

You can find it here.  It's all about starting illustrations on the iPad pro in Adobe Draw and cleaning them up in Illustrator.  Right now skillshare is offering 2 free months when you sign up through that link too!

I have some sewing to share later on this week too!  My mom has been visiting for almost three weeks so we've been having fun and taking things slow :)

I hope you're having a great summer!!