Kids Clothes Week days 3-4 - Hummingbird Dress

So going into day 3 of Kids Clothes week, I kind of fell into a funk.  I own a million patterns but none of them were really grabbing me.  So I went on looked around on etsy and ended up buying the Hummingbird dress pattern from Rabbit Rabbit Creation.  Its a really simple stylish dress.

Bonus, my daughter LOVES it!! She hasn't taken it off since I finished which is always a good sign :) I'm not crazy about my pairing of fabrics here but since she likes it that's all that really matters.  I used a print from Sarah Jane's Wee Wander line for the skirt and a shot cotton for the top.  The shot cotton does really match one of the little flowers in the tree but I feel is a little too orate for the over all look.

A couple of things about the pattern itself: 

First, I wish I had understitched the lining on the bodice.  Shot cotton is pretty lightweight and it keeps rolling to the front.  Not a huge deal since its lined in the outer fabric but I'm a perfectionist and it bugs me.

Second, the pattern calls for you to put the elastic in before attaching the skirt.  Next time I will wait till after.  Putting it in first really makes it a pain to attach the skirt which is unnecessary.  It also made it impossible to do a nice clean finish turning the lining under on the inside and topstitching.  I ended up just finishing it all off with the serger.

Hope you all had a great week!! Happy Sewing :)