Making Kid's Clothes

So, I apologize for my absence.  I've been working really hard on a few things that I'll share with you.  I should also apologize this is going to be a very photo heavy post :)

I've been working hard on a bunch of new things for the Etsy shop and a few samples for a shop my cousin runs.

First are some basic leggings in the new Anna Maria Horner knit.  I'm in love with pretty much everything she designs.  

Another Bohemian Babydoll, this time in a rayon challis!  Again from Anna Maria Horner.  Oh is this fabric dreamy.  I used just a solid cotton for the contrast sleeves and hem facings.  Oh and I tried out the cap sleeve variation for easier fall layering.

For the boys, a pair of Kudzu Cargos from Willow and Co.  I used a stretch denim I got on red tag at Joann.  I used the wrong side for most of the pant.  This pattern is pretty amazing.  So many cool details.  It really makes a cool pair of pants.

A Gardenia Dress by Cali Faye Collection.  I omitted the pockets and the piping on this one.  I again used a rayon challis by Anna Maria Horner.  Great pattern and great fabric.  All of the patterns in the Cali Faye Collection are so now and fashion forward.  I can't wait to make more.

Another one for boys! The Hipster Henley by Blank Slate Patterns.  I left off the breast pocket.  The fabric is a knit from joann.  I used a gray rib that I had in my stash for the contrast.

Another Hummingbird Dress by Rabbit Rabbit Creations.  I used the quilting cotton from Anna Maria Horner's pretty potent line and paired it with a blush cotton lawn.  I used a pink shot cotton for the straps and elastic cover.  This dress is one of my absolute favorites.

Another Cali Faye Collection pattern!  This time the Haute Hippie Crop.  This jacket is so cool.  I want to make it in my size.  I really think it'll be perfect to layer for fall.  I used an ombre cotton I got at joanns.  A little tricky to match it all up so the ombre is the same!

More leggings! This time a stripe from Riley Blake.

A boys schoolboy vest pattern by sew much ado.  I used a washable suiting I got at joann and a broadcloth from there as well.  Neither were particularly easy to sew with.  Maybe it was just the suiting.  It was like sandpaper on the needles.  I swear they went dull almost instantly.

Thanks for reading!  I also was in a couple of swaps recently and I'll share those soon!!

Kids Clothes Week days 3-4 - Hummingbird Dress

So going into day 3 of Kids Clothes week, I kind of fell into a funk.  I own a million patterns but none of them were really grabbing me.  So I went on looked around on etsy and ended up buying the Hummingbird dress pattern from Rabbit Rabbit Creation.  Its a really simple stylish dress.

Bonus, my daughter LOVES it!! She hasn't taken it off since I finished which is always a good sign :) I'm not crazy about my pairing of fabrics here but since she likes it that's all that really matters.  I used a print from Sarah Jane's Wee Wander line for the skirt and a shot cotton for the top.  The shot cotton does really match one of the little flowers in the tree but I feel is a little too orate for the over all look.

A couple of things about the pattern itself: 

First, I wish I had understitched the lining on the bodice.  Shot cotton is pretty lightweight and it keeps rolling to the front.  Not a huge deal since its lined in the outer fabric but I'm a perfectionist and it bugs me.

Second, the pattern calls for you to put the elastic in before attaching the skirt.  Next time I will wait till after.  Putting it in first really makes it a pain to attach the skirt which is unnecessary.  It also made it impossible to do a nice clean finish turning the lining under on the inside and topstitching.  I ended up just finishing it all off with the serger.

Hope you all had a great week!! Happy Sewing :)